An introduction to Louis Vuitton bags- a brief history

Louis Vuitton damier is a signature production of Louis Vuitton. The company has a very significant history behind its making. There are leather as well as canvas items at Louis Vuitton. It is the 29th most valuable brand in the world.

Every woman desires to own accessories that define her class and perfection and hence brand name does matters. The Louis Vuitton bags which are so popular today have an inspiring history behind the making of these bags. Though they are among some of the most expensive and luxurious brands today, the company had a very humble beginning.

The beginning of Vuitton

The company originated at Paris, France and some of their first productions include flat bottomed canvas trunks. The company particularly got global attention after they participated in the 1857universal exhibition that was held at Paris. The damier canvas pattern was born to put an end to counterfeiting of the bags.

Expansion of the company

During the twentieth century, particularly in the second half of this period, the company expanded their business to including leather goods as well into their field of expertise. However the Louis Vuitton damier  counterfeiting trouble has always plagued that company but they have emerged string as ever and completed 150years in 2004.

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29thmost valuable brand

Today the current status of the company is that it is 29th most valuable brand of bags in the world. The name of Vuitton is synonymous to luxury and status. The company still makes luggage bags and handbags are still made by hand. The company have taken an extra measure to track down counterfeits of the products they manufacture.

The price of Louis Vuitton

The products of Louis Vuitton are no doubt pricey and extremely expensive to be truthful but at the same time, one cannot get the service they provide. There finish and quality is unparalled and that has earned them devoted customers over the years. Every bag from Louis Vuitton is an art in itself and that is a quality that does not come for cheap from any brand.

Buying a Louis Vuitton

Even today the Louis Vuitton handbags and other products are sold from their showrooms exclusively and not from any franchise. There are many outlets of Louis Vuitton across the world every most countries of the world.